Using Social Media

Social media is external to a website, but is another way to connect with people on a daily basis. The customers might not visit your website every day, but will probably will login to check some form of social media, so why not communicate with them there.

  • Creation Is the First Step -Starting an account will begin to establish the social media presence
  • Attractiveness – Did you know having an attractive social media page can also help your business flourish? If someone feels the page is outdated and/or doesn’t have the wow factor, it might not capture your audience. Having the correct information, banner, and profile icon could make all of the difference.
  • Frequency of Posts – The more you post, the more customers and/or fans can view what your business has to offer. Too many posts can be overwhelming and duplicate posts can be redundant, and ignored.
  • Different Posts – Diverse posts will shed light on the different aspects of your business. Posting a new product/service, an upcoming sale, and/or an opportunity to save money are all good categories for posts.
  • Feedback – Asking clients for feedback can sometimes be a tad bit scary for some, hence there might not be 100% positivity, but asking shows you care about your customers and the feedback may help your business grow.
  • Promotion – Promoting your social media page is very important. If you frequently post information on the page, and/or intend to, having your target market viewing what you share is pertinent.
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